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Technologie Inc.

Fiber TAP Splitter Module 1260 to 1620nm 30/70 ratio LC/UPC Senko X12

Connectors LC/UPC Senko®
Number of channels 2
Coupling Ratio 30 / 70
Insertion Loss per channels
NET A IN --> Tap A Typ 6.10dB
NET A IN --> NET B OUT Typ 2.15dB
NET B IN --> Tap B Typ 5.35dB
NET B IN --> NET A OUT Typ 1.95dB
Polarization Dependent Loss
Max 0.15dB
Min 50dB
Fiber type SMF OS2 9/125um
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-5 to +75 Celsius
-40 to +85 Celsius
Form factor Technologie LGX12-SP
L:218 x W:35 x H:38.2mm
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  • A One Stop Shop

    At Technologie, we offer a complex range of passive multiplexing, OADM and TAP solutions. While our product fits most needs, we are the reference of choice for complex custom build products. was one of the first companies to design and distribute top quality and rugged custom multiplexing system here in Canada. We focus on offering design solutions optimised with signal integrity.

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    Our solutions match or exceed industry leading tier 1 manufacturers. Rigorously engineered and tested, our products undergo severe quality control processes to ensure a seamless integration with customer application scenarios. We pride ourselves in delivering your order on time, and using only mission critical grade components, we offer “Fire and Forget” products that will work for decades and outlast most infrastructure they are used in.

  • Warranty

    Backed by the best warranty* and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Our network equipment provide a dependable and unparalleled solution for your network needs.

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