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Technologie Inc.


100% 3Com® compatible 1000BASE-ZX optical transceiver, engineered to deliver 1G speeds at a maximum distance of 80km over Single-mode fiber. Uses a LC UPC connector and transmits in the 1500 to 1580nm wavelength range.

Commonly used in telecommunications networks, data centers, and other applications where longer reach is necessary. Fully compliant to the IEEE 802.3ah standard.

Item Attributes
Compatible Brand 3Com®
Type Transceivers
Cable Type Single-Mode Fiber
Operating Temperature COM (0 °C to 70°C)
Fiber Count 2 Fibers / Duplex
Wavelength 1550nm
Data Rate 1000BASE - 1 Gbps
Form factor SFP
Max Reach 80km
Connector Type LC UPC
Transceiver Type ZX
TX Optical Power 0dBm to 5dBm
RX Sensitivity -23dBm
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  • In-House Coding

    At Technologie, we code and test all our transceivers to be 100% compatible in their intended target application. Today, the fiber-optic networking landscape is littered with “compatible” transceiver companies. was one of the first companies to design and distribute OEM Compatible transceivers in Canada.  We now design solutions for almost every equipment in the world.

  • Trust

    Our MTBF figures meet or exceed industry leading tier 1 manufacturers. Rigorously engineered and tested, our products undergo severe quality control processes to ensure seamless integration with a wide range of networking equipment. By adhering to industry benchmarks, our compatible transceivers deliver the same or better performance and reliability as OEM units.

  • Warranty

    Backed by our life time warranty* and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our compatible transceivers provide a dependable and efficient solution for your network needs.

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