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7104 - IBC™ Cleaner MPO II


  • 525+ cleaning engagements per unit
  • Anti-static system produces pristine endface and minimizes contaminant attraction
  • Cleans cable assembly in hand as well as cables behind panel
  • Non-fraying cloth design
  • Simple push to clean action
  • Push Style Port Cleaner
  • Connector type: MPO
  • Ferrule size: MT
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  • Daily Use

    At Technologie, we offer a range of cleaning solutions assiciated to our products, Easy to use, these tools and solutions come from leading manufacturers, optimised with signal integrity.

  • Must have

    Dirt, dust and contaminants are the worse enemies of optical fiber communication. In today’s reality of tight power budget, high density and high-speed infrastructures, these tools are essential to any small to large network installations.

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