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US Conec™

US Conec 7892 NeoClean S 1.25mm Fiber Cleaning Swabs

The US Conec 7892 NeoClean S 1.25mm dry-cloth optical fiber connector cleaning swabs are designed for hard-to-reach bulkhead applications, LC & MU connectors, transceiver interfaces and lenses. These dry-stick cleaning tools are perforated for customized sizing and are suitable for factory or field use.

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    • Daily Use

      At Technologie, we offer a range of cleaning solutions assiciated to our products, Easy to use, these tools and solutions come from leading manufacturers, optimised with signal integrity.

    • Must have

      Dirt, dust and contaminants are the worse enemies of optical fiber communication. In today’s reality of tight power budget, high density and high-speed infrastructures, these tools are essential to any small to large network installations.

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