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FOCCUS Fiber-Wash  Precision Fiber Optic Cleaning Pens contain powerful solvent cleaners that quickly and safely cleans the end face of fiber optic connectors, splices and ribbons. They also dissipates static charge, which prevents attracting airborne contamination that cling to the end face surface. This non-pressurized container can be easily and safely transported.


  • Powerful, fast-acting solvent cleaner
  • Removes broadest range of soils: dust, oils, greases, buffer gel, soils, complex soils, salts and other contaminants
  • Residue free with fast evaporation
  • Extra-strength and plastic safe fiber optic cleaner
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  • Daily Use

    At Technologie, we offer a range of cleaning solutions assiciated to our products, Easy to use, these tools and solutions come from leading manufacturers, optimised with signal integrity.

  • Must have

    Dirt, dust and contaminants are the worse enemies of optical fiber communication. In today’s reality of tight power budget, high density and high-speed infrastructures, these tools are essential to any small to large network installations.

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